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Southern Hospitality Rally

Wayne and Oren Schneider host their 6th PC Blast Rally with new partner, 105.1 radio personality, DJ Envy! This year’s Southern Hospitality Rally, they travel from New Orleans, to Atlanta, to Tampa, and finally Miami. It was packed with scenic routes, colorful characters, elite parties, beautiful women and you guessed it, rare and foreign cars. At 203mph, no back seat luggage is safe.

The Jimmy Awards

The National High School Musical Theatre Awards® (the Jimmy Awards®) are a national celebration of outstanding student achievement, recognizing individual artistry in vocal, dance, and acting performance and elevating the importance of theatre arts education in schools. The Jimmy Awards are presented by The Broadway League Foundation.

Meet some of the finalists of the 2018 National High School Musical Theatre Awards and follow them through the week as they prepare for their Broadway debut.

3 Blind Mice

3 Blind Mice is a show about the very rocky transition into adulthood, that anyone can relate to, while simultaneously recognizing and embracing the uniqueness of Black culture. 3 Blind Mice fulfills a need for TV narratives that depict the vast diversity of the Black diaspora. They are continuing in the tradition in the long legacy of shows such as: Living Single and A Different World. Their purpose is to represent Black communities by telling Black stories in an honest, positive and inspiring way.

The Take

Formerly known as ScreenPrism, The Take is an all in one platform to help you understand more about your favorite movies, shows and culture. Their video essays make the story worlds you enter richer and deeper. Think: Endings Explained, Character Studies, Hidden Messages and Symbols Revealed, Actor and Director Profiles, and more. This video explains the ending of the iconic horror film The Exorcist.

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