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Friday Cocktail Hour

with Michael Ruhlman

A series of twenty-four videos featuring food writer and chef Michael Ruhlman. Each video features a cocktail recipe and a poetry reading. In this episode, he highlights "The Beachcomber".

Cuban Feast

with Irma Sotolongo

In this video, Irma Sotolongo congas her way through a full Cuban Feast! Starting with Moros y Cristianos and Bistec Empanizado as the main course, with a side of Tostones, ending with a twist on dessert, Empanadas de Guayaba y Queso Crema.

Italian Feast

with Ann Hood

In this video Ann Hood, New York Times best selling author, shares her beloved mother's special Red Sauce recipe, also known as "Gogo's Sauce" or gravy. She walks us through a whole Italian Feast, from the perfect pasta, to how to make tender meatballs and hardy sausage. Just watching will make your mouth water and your heart full!

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